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Kick the Sick Workshop logo

Kick the Sick Workshop:

Is your family playing "pass the germ"? Or maybe you have a kiddo who is plagued by constant colds and endless ear infections. Ugh! How miserable! We know you wouldn't hesitate to take away the sickness and help your little one feel better if you could.
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The Perfect Storm Workshop logo

The Perfect Storm Workshop:

Decoding Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Calming The Perfect Storm for Kids Experiencing ADD/ADHD, Sensory Processing, Autism, Anxiety, & More. An intimate in-person workshop for parents of children struggling with neurodevelopmental, learning, or behavior challenges, this paradigm shifting workshop will equip you with HOPE, HELP, and ANSWERS!
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Raising Healthy Kids Naturally Workshop logo

Raising Healthy Kids Naturally Workshop:

Constant rounds of congestion, cough, and colds do not have to be a part of your child’s life anymore… nor do rounds and rounds antibiotics and inhalers. Our unique workshop will explore the truth on why our families are stuck in the cycle of sickness. From both the outside and the inside, we will help you put together the information you need to know why your family may be struggling to kick the sick!
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Delivered Workshop logo

Delivered Workshop:

No one wants to be a backseat driver for their birth! KNOW you have choices and be EMPOWERED to “Take the Wheel” of your birth! We know you have a vision for your ideal birth and the Delivered Workshop gives you the information you need to make the birthing decisions that are right for you and your family!
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Health Care Class (AKA IMPACT! A Chiropractic Health Workshop) logo

Health Care Class
(AKA IMPACT! A Chiropractic Health Workshop):

Everything you need to know to get the best results in the least amount of time for the least amount of money.
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